alicia (soxlast_summer_) wrote in emo_edge,

Name you currently go by: alicia
Where you currently reside: connecticut
Your age : 13

Piercings?/Tatoos: my ears are pierced..and i want my lip and eyebrow done
Current Hair color: brown
Pets?: yup..a really weird cat named charlie

Views on Homosexuality: i think people should have their own beliefs, i mean you cant force someone to feel a certain way..because you should be able to be who you wanna be, believe what you wanna believe, and love who you want to love
Views on Gay Marriage: well it pretty much covers what i said before, i mean if thats what you believe in then by all means do it. you cant change who a person is or what they believe it because i believe that would be wrong to try and change them
Drugs: ( dont be ashamed or worried, this isnt a sxe community)i havent ever done drugs, nor do i ever intend to.
And of course the question every on else asks, Abortion: i think it could go both ways. if you make a mistake and you know that you wouldnt be able to care for the child, then do what you think is best. but it al depends on the person, what they believe in, and the situation theyr in

Ten bands you like: taking back sunday, something corporate, from first to last, the early november, i can make a mess, underoath, senses fail, brand new, daphne loves derby, straylight run.

Bands you've seen/would like to see: ive seen - taking back sunday, atreyu, funeral for a friend. i want to see - something coporate, and from first to last

Favorite Movie/ Movies: happy gilmore, anything with adam sandler, a walk to remember (i know, im pathetic lol), the ring, spider man 1 and 2

Why you want to join: i want to join because i like to meet and talk to people who have the same interests as me and i think this community is pretty cool

Picture time! but no more then 5

this pic was from a few months ago, and its not my best one, but its the only one ive got, and i used a link cuz the pic was too big, but i dont know how to use an lj cut..sorry guys
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