Ashley (kissmeimcnfsd) wrote in emo_edge,

This isn't much.
I just wrote it for my aim profile because this boy made me angry.

Honest opinions, please.


Say to me what you know you must, fact or fiction, what do you care?

It gets me between your old used sheets all the same.(Just the way she used to be…or probably still is…)Tangling myself deeper and deeper into the pre-existing fascination, the chaos you put on my platter and served to me.

(How can I criticize when I asked for seconds...and even thirds?)

Did you know I felt sheltered against you while you let me have my way without me knowing you were really having yours?

Flesh to flesh, rolling around in disbelief, but not enough to stop myself from enjoying it just the same.

(I’ve always been naïve it seems.)

Each inch my fingers traced, each smirk that snuck up on us, every voice in my head saying “it’s almost certainly wrong, but it feels so right”...

The calm before the storm that I didnt see pending

But all along it was brewing in the room that day, tossing, turning, whirling right along with us.

(How devious for it to do such a thing when it knew our eyes were busy looking at the sins we anticipated, masked behind such infatuation and desire.)

She gets under your skin, makes you stumble over your words.

This is what happens when the game gets the best of the players.

Deception from your lips settle in my ears, but the reality settles deeper than that.

(You didn’t think I knew, did you?)

Why feel used when the notion was in the back of my mind all along?

Pull me in. push me away. Pull me in. have your enjoyment when I thought I was having mine...

Time’s up, make your last move.

No thought process is necessary now.

I always bounce back and you'll always move on.

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