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emo_edge's Journal

x scene fucks? x
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Think your emo to the max? Well, Maybe were for you. Unlike every other lame "2_good_4_you" superficial community's, This isn't based on appearence.

Just a few rules
- Feel free to post any emo related lyrics, news, new bands, songs, links etc.
- Please do not spam, and whore other communities in here. If you do, youll be removed.
- I dont really care about lj cut unless your pictures are the size of the sun, then it's time to either make them smaller or cut them. Other wise post as much shit as youd like.
- Please, if your name is "spike" and you think your a vampire, dont apply.
- You can post pictures of anything, your day, you, something you like, whatever.

The Application

Name you currently go by:
Where you currently reside:
Your age :

Current Hair color:

Views on Homosexuality:
Views on Gay Marriage:
Drugs: ( dont be ashamed or worried, this isnt a sxe community)
And of course the question every on else asks, Abortion:

Ten bands you like:

Bands you've seen/would like to see:

Favorite Movie/ Movies:

Why you want to join:

Picture time! but no more then 5